Paul Rumbol solo performances draw from his own repertoire showcased in the 2012 CD release of

'Reflections' Brazilian & Latin classics & his own interpretations of classic soul, funk, reggae, pop & jazz hits



About Paul Rumbol



British born & London based Guitarist & Singer, Paul plays a very distinctive guitar called a

"Frameworks Classic Nylon". This is what is known as a synth access instrument

& can be used together with a guitar synthesizer. Using his unique technique

Paul can then use this instrument to blend 3 sounds into 1,

creating an original & very big sound for a solo performer.


Paul is also renowned for playing the small Brazilian ukelele like instrument the

"Cavaquinho" (extensively used in Brazilian music, notably samba).


For more than 25 years the band leader of top

Brazilian/Latin World Music & Dance group "Viramundo",

he also works with a number of other bands & artists in the Brazilian/Latin/World music fields.


He started his musical career playing in pop, soul, reggae & jazz bands

before turning his attention to Brazilian music in 1989.


His solo performances draw from his own repertoire showcased in the

2012 CD release of "Reflections",

Brazilian & Latin classics & his own interpretations of classic soul, funk, reggae, pop & jazz hits.


Paul sings in 3 idioms, English, Portuguese & Spanish (& speaks fluently in 2 of them)


He also finds time to give lessons on both guitar & cavaquinho.



Other projects



Production Music

Paul Rumbol has been involved with several production music (library music) projects.

Two of the more recent have been together with long time musical colaborator Marcelo Andrade.

They signed deals with two major companies in the production music field, "Beds & Beats" &

"Music Beyond" (now both part of the BMG Chrysalis group)

& released two albums "Braziliana" & Flight to Rio".. Clicks links below.



London School of Samba


Paul has been playing the cavaquinho (small brazilian ukelele like instrument used in samba)

with the London School of Samba (LSS) for over 20 years & 2016 saw his

22th consecutive Notting Hill Carnival with them.


They regularly perform in such venues as Tropicana Beach Bar (formerly Guanabara club)

in Holborn as well as other special events like the annual International

Samba Festival in Coburg, Germany, Hong Kong Chinese New Year.

With his long term musical colaborator Xavier Osmir

they regularly compose samba enredos (theme songs) for the Carnival.

The LSS are a great bunch of people &

anyone interested in joining them as a

drummer, dancer or wanting further info should go to their website.



Banda Batuke


Another project Paul is involved with (again with good friend Xavier Osmir) is Banda Batuke.

This band plays Samba, Pagode, Samba Rock & Batucada &

Paul sings, plays guitar, cavquinho & percussion with them.

A regular favourite of celebrities like Jamie Oliver,

the band are renowned for their authentic samba & professional sound.



Guitar & Cavaquinho Sessions & Gigs


Paul does recording session work on guitar & cavaquinho.

A recent session was recording cavaquinho on the

audio cd accompaning Paul Jayasandas book Trumpet Globetrotters

He also gets called to play cavaquinho for events like the Stockholm Carnival.



Recording Studio


With the exception of the drum tracks, all other tracks on Reflections were

recorded & mixed at Paul's Bell St. Studios.

Here there are a top selection of music software & a good functioning small studio set up.

Other projects from other artists have also been recorded here.

If you like what you hear contact him.




Private Guitar & Cavaquinho Lessons


Paul also sometimes teach guitar & cavaco lessons in London to

students of all ages & abilities on a 1 to 1 basis or as a group.


Please contact for rates.





Occasionally Paul gets asked to do work as a DJ. He has pro DJ software &

a superb Bose PA suitable for a small venue.

He can work playing Brazilian or other types of dance music.


Please contact for rates.