A unique Brazilian music quartet that presents all the sounds & rhythms of

Brazil in a small band format



About Sambossa 4



Sambossa 4

is a special group that presents the sounds & rhythms of Brazil in a small band format.

With music ranging from sultry bossa nova & grooving afro-funk to blistering samba, they all have

the ability to delight both the listener & the dancer.


Featuring the unique vocal talents of ELISANGELA MAHOGANY from Salvador Bahia on vocals,

whose strong voice, energy & sensational stage presence & experience as both a singer & a

professional and dancer brings a new dimension to the band.


From Rio de Janeiro is the hugely talented multi instrumentalist

MARCELO ANDRADE who showcases his saxophone & flute styles.


Guitarist PAUL RUMBOL leads this band as well as being band leader of the celebrated group Viramundo.

He also sings & plays the cavquinho (small Brazilian guitar & has been working alongside the most talented

Brazilian performers for more than 20 years.


Completing the quartet is XAVIER OSMIR from São Paulo, Brazil who brings his wonderful percussion & vocal talents.


SAMBOSSA 4, a compact but very powerful Brazilian/Latin group & are able to deliver this

original & full sound in a small band format largely because of the

ingenious use of the guitar synthesizer which enables Paul to play guitar, bass & keyboard sounds at the same time,

Xavier's small kit/cajon set up providing drums & percussion,

Elisangela's strong vocals & infectious energy completed by

Marcelo's beautiful & colourful lines on soprano saxophone & flute.


2015 saw them release a highly acclaimed CD "Sambossa 4"