Europe's longest established Brazilian/Latin group & winner of

Best Musical Band in Brazilian International Press Awards

Band Profiles


Paul Rumbol is a British born & London based Guitarist & Singer.

For more than 25 years he has been the founder & band leader of

'Viramundo', he also works with a number of other bands & artists

in the Brazilian/Latin/World music fields.

He is also renowned for playing the small Brazilian ukelele like

instrument the 'Cavaquinho' (extensively used in Brazilian music,

notably samba).

He started his musical career playing in pop, soul, reggae &

jazz bands before turning his attention to

Brazilian music in the mid 1980's.

In 2012 CD he released a solo album 'Reflections',

featuring 18 self penned songs in

Brazilian, Latin, classic soul, funk, reggae, pop & jazz styles.



Xavier Osmir is a fantastic percussion player & singer & has been

an integral part of the band since the early 1990's.

Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, he is also a talented songwriter

& as well as contributing songs to the Viramundo band

he also writes for other bands including the

London School of Samba.



Elisangela Mahogany is the newest addition to Viramundo having

joined the band as lead singer in March 2016.

The dynamic & glamorous performer hails from

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil,

Elisangela started her singing career there with the well known

samba reggae & afro bloc bands of the city.

Characterised by her sensational outfits, she is also model &

dancer as well as having an outstanding voice

her ability to communicate & involve audiences

has made her a fantastic addition to the band.



Matheus Nova is the band's bass player since 1995

having arrived in the UK from Bahia, Brazil.

Famed for his impeccable groove & finely sculpted bass lines

he has grown into one of the most in demand bassists

in Europe & regularly accompanies big names on European tours.



Marcelo Andrade is an award winning multi instrumentalist &

songwriter from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

He has been working with Viramundo since 2005

& has formed a successful song-writing partnership with

band leader Paul Rumbol.

In the band he mainly plays flute & soprano sax

but is also proficient on violin, guitar & has a great singing voice.

He also fronts his own latin jazz band

& released a very highly acclaimed album called 'African Tree'.



Marius Rodrigues is from the state of Rio Grande do Sul in the

south of Brazil

He has been living & working in the UK for decades &

is renowned as a master kit drummer

who can excel both live & in the studio

playing virtually any style of music.



Charlie Lewis is a British born musician who plays

 keyboards in the band.

He has a special relationship with Brazil having lived &

studied music in São Paulo for a number of years as well as

speaking the language well.

He is also a much in demand piano & keyboard player.



Giuliano Pereira is a highly accomplished & vastly experienced

musician from São Paulo, Brazil.

He plays alto sax & flute in the band & is renowned for

his amazing solos.

He is also a well known jazz player & has released his

own solo album entitled 'Inner Space'.



Rebeca Vallim, lead vocalist with Viramundo/Sambossa from

2006-2016 & featured on the cd's

Real Sound Of Brazil & Brazuka Beats.

Rebeca is an award winning vocalist with a very original &

distinctive voice & is currently pursuing her career back in her

native Rio de Janeiro.

She will return to the UK from time to time to perform with

Viramundo, a group to which she made very strong ties & won

best vocalist in the Brazilian International Press awards & as a

part of Viramundo best Musical Band & Best of British Wom@

award for outstanding contribution to African, World , Brazilian &

World music culture



Carlos Fuentes is a hugely experienced & highly accomplished

percussion player who has played with many top artists

& was a founding member of the London School of Samba.

He originates from Chile but has been living in London for many

years. Carlos has played on the 'Brazuka Beats' cd &

Paul Rumbol solo album & is often featured in Viramundo's live performances.



Tiane Costa is a hugely talented singer from the

Santa Catarina in the south of Brazil.

Viramundo were fortunate to have her guest sing on some tracks

on their cd 'Brazuka Beats & before she returned to her native

Florianpolis they had the opportunity to play some live dates.

She'll always be regular visitor to the UK & a

welcome guest in the band.



Leandra Veranda is a experienced singer from Brazil,

resident in the UK for 10 years or more

with an amazing stage presence.

Dynamic performer with a beautiful voice

Leandra has worked with many top acts in Europe & Brazil.